Trusted Retail Services Leader for Expansion in Asia

After more than 25 years of refining our platform in the U.S., we've brought our comprehensive retail real estate services and expertise to Asia. Unlike the current product broker emphasis of commercial real estate in Asia, we specialize in tenant representation and focus solely on retail real estate. In addition to our long history of providing customized solutions for users and owners of retail space in the U.S., we have established partnerships with the best-in-class local service providers to offer you the necessary bridge for a soft landing and accelerated startup in your ideal Asian markets.

SRS Asia Services

SRS Asia offers the core services offered by SRS in North America, but they have been fine tuned for the needs and opportunities of China and the broader Asian marketplace.

  • Tenant Advisory

    We provide comprehensive consulting services aimed at helping U.S. retailers become familiar with China and operating retail enterprises within China. These services include weeklong tours of the prime growth regions of China. Additional optional consulting reports are available for retail business practices in China, including licensing, taxation, regulatory requirements, demographic and demand patterns, merchandising best practices and pricing strategies.

  • Tenant Representation

    Our brokerage and transaction consulting services for U.S. retailers coming to China predominately focus on site selection of existing project space in Hong Kong and the largest tier one cities. In addition, we work with our retailer clients who share common goals to create development opportunities in tier two and tier three cities throughout Asia.

  • Lease Administration

    The results of our lease administration offerings speak for themselves. To put it simply, we'll save you money, risk, time and worry. Our lease administration services for users of commercial space include database and process advisory, abstracting services, critical date and document management, reconciliation of invoices, accounting for payables and receivables, desk top audits, and coordination of third party audits.

  • Design and Development Advisory

    For owners and investors looking to lay a foundation in Asia, our expertise and key relationships will ensure a smooth transition into the intricacies of development in Asia. We'll assist with existing projects, new developments and with bank-owned assets. Our specific services include design consulting, merchandising mix and strategy, leasing strategy, and several other property and development advisory services. Our aim is clear - enhance the value of your projects and help create world class destinations.

  • Management & Leasing

    We round out our offerings for owners and investors of retail space in Asia by way of property management, accounting and project leasing through our best-in-class agency providers and expert internal leasing team.

Our Reach in Asia

In partnership with our best-in-class local providers, SRS Asia covers the South China, East China, West China, Shandong and North China Regions. With this expansive reach, we understand the unique requirements of retail real estate in approximately 30 provinces and 60 cities in China. In addition, our research intelligence and team members on the ground offer keen insight into the demographics and psychographics of these markets allowing you to understand and meet consumer demands.

SRS Asia Leadership

Don Edrington / Managing Director

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